The “new normal” is here, and it’s highly digital — especially in fast-evolving Latin America.

As economies recover from the pandemic and online shopping becomes a daily habit for more and more Latin American consumers, the region presents huge opportunities for merchants that know how to make the most of Latam’s markets.

That includes understanding the payment landscape of each country: from domestic-only credit cards to revolutionary digital payment methods, such as Brazil’s Pix, the different markets in the region have specific habits and expectations that must be considered when selling to Latin America.

But one thing is true for all Latam countries: e-commerce is thriving more than any other type of shopping, driven by the pandemic but also by local consumers’ preference for the agility, wider product variety, better prices, and innovative shopping experiences that only the online environment can provide.


E-commerce sales expected to reach US$ 646 billion in 2025


67% of Latin American consumers have shopped online in 2021

77% of both online and smartphone penetration among the population

In this exclusive industry report from BoaCompra by PagSeguro in partnership with Americas Market Intelligence, you’ll have access to:

  1. exclusive, up-to-date data on Latin American’s e-commerce and payment habits;
  2. the market share of each payment method in each country;
  3. the post-pandemic changes in online consumption and payments in each country and each online segment;
  4. the most important trends and challenges;
  5. exclusive insights on how to better sell to Latin America with all that in mind.

In Latam’s Six Main Markets, e-commerce sales reached US$ 268 in 2021 and are expected to rise to US$ 646 billion by 2025.

The particularities of this highly digitized region, the regulatory challenges for each country, and how instant payment Pix is leading the way when it comes to payment innovation in Latam: all this is also detailed in the white paper, which you can download now for free.

Read this exclusive study now and understand what’s happening and what’s to come in one of the most promising business markets in the world.

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